Pro Coaches

This training is for organizations and coaches who are coaching at the highest level of sport in our country. We provide training for coaches that are employed in the NBA, MLB, NFL, WNBA, MMA, and any other organizations that are considered to be at the professional level in the USA and beyond.

Due to the expectancy of winning and the demands of the media world, athletes and yes, now even parents… coaching at the professional level is now more difficult then it has ever been in the history of our country.

Remember, you can’t give away what do not possess yourself. Our private workshops provide the much needed tools every professional coach must possess to navigate the demanding waters of 21st century coaching successfully. COE is committed to meeting today’s pro coach right where they are at, by coming along side them, and then equipping them with tools to be difference makers and legacy builders in the world of sport as they strive for excellence and balance both at work and at home.

Please note that all workshops at this level are taught and facilitated by our founder, Rod Olson and the author of the acclaimed book, The Legacy Builder. Rod spent nearly twenty years as a college coach in multiple sports and has done numerous workshops at the professional level and has mentored several head coaches, managers and front office executives at the professional level.

Coaching Workshops & Coaching Development Program

We acknowledge and appreciate your need for privacy at the professional level, therefore, if you or your organization are interested in a 21st century coaching workshop or our Comprehensive Coaching Development Program.

Custom Comprehensive Pro Coaches Development Program

If you are interested in the COE Pro Coaches Comprehensive Development Program please email us below for more information. This is a customized program to fit your needs and your culture. It is an intensive, 9- month comprehensive program that encompasses 3 training workshops, self-evaluation systems performed by a trained COE facilitator and includes our unique Blue Print for Success ™ and Battle Buddy ™ training systems along with on the court/field evals of your coaches.

What Our Clients Say...

“With all the pressure to win and now with society scrutinizing every word we say, I found the Coaches of Excellence workshop Rod did with us vital. Our principles don’t change but our players do. Rod gave me a perspective on what I am dealing with and how to make adjustments in my motivational techniques so I am certain to maximize my player’s performance. Huge Deal, thank you.”

– Big 12 Conference Coach

| NCAA Coach, Big 12 Conference