I have engaged Coach O and the Coaches of Excellence program to help us at three different intercollegiate athletic programs and can say without reservation that the impact on the coaches/staff in each case has been nothing short of extraordinary. COE helps coaches understand who they are and how they can become better at what we all want – to be the best we can be so we can help today’s student-athletes do the same and achieve at the highest levels possible. I look forward to seeing how their most recent visit to our campus manifests itself with each of our programs and look forward to his next trip here with anticipation. There is none better!

– Dr. Kelly J Higgins

Director of Athletics, Alfred State, SUNY College of Technology

“Coach ‘O’ presented to our staff, he challenged us and inspired us to achieve at a higher level. Coach ‘O’ is a master at engaging his audience. He has the ability to connect with his audience, be it is six people or 220 as we had. His stories captivate you and draw you in. I would encourage any school to solicit his input if you desire building a team. To quote one of our teachers when ask about the staff-development, he stated, ‘we don’t do staff-development anymore, we develop staff’.”

– Bill McAllister

Superintendent, West Point - Beemer Public School

“Coach Ressa, thank you for your time and the support info and message. One of the best Coaches in-service I have be involved in over the past 25 years.”

– Todd Dailey

Teacher & Coach, Little Elm ISD

“The clinic was awesome and the feedback has been phenomenal. Rod Olson is a phenomenal speaker with an impressive background. I have participated in many Leadership Classes/Trainings in my life but I have to say this program was hands down the best ever. The training and the book, have been life changing for me as a Recreation Director, professional, mother and wife.”

– Lisa Henson

Dawson County Park and Recreation, Director

“I would highly recommend Coach of Excellence to any organization that wants to grow positive influential leaders. Their message is authenticate and eye opening. Coaches of Excellence practical and simple approach to relationships will not only make you a better coach, but more importantly a better husband, father, and person.”

– Jim Coscarella

Athletic Director, Salida High School

“As an Athletic Director, I have witnessed firsthand how Coaches of Excellence trainings transformed our athletic programs and impacted our coaching staff.  Our coaches appreciate and value Coaches of Excellence perspective on the 21st century athlete.  Rod’s energetic and inspiring training sessions empowered our coaches to capture the hearts of their athletes on and off of the playing field.  Coaches of Excellence bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to back up their ideals and principles on working with today’s athlete and parent. As an Athletic Director in today’s society, I feel that it is imperative to equip coaches with the proper knowledge and training to deal with the numerous issues that they will encounter over the course of the season.  Coaches of Excellence is the organization to help build that foundation!”

– Rob Larson

Asst. Principle/Athletic Director, Fort Collins High School

“Geneseo High School has had a cultural shift thanks to the work of Rod Olson and the Coaches of Excellence. We have seen huge benefits in how our coaches motivate and how our athletes have become mentally tough. There has been a transformation in the way we operate on and off the field.”


– Travis Mackey

Athletic Director, Geneseo High School

“I cannot begin to tell you what a great impact Coaches of Excellence has had on our coaching staff.  It is simply amazing!  Their approach is systematic and poignant. Coaches of Excellence’s spend time to tailor the presentation and they spoke to coaches prior to the conference, which was most appreciated. The program incorporates workshops as well as the implementation of the Coaches of Excellence series. The entire process has been rewarding for me and our coaching staff.  Coaches of Excellence is not the typical “one and done” professional development program, they truly cares about the process and implementation of their program. Our coaches have gleaned a great understanding of what it means to be a true 3 Dimensional Coach and we have seen the impact within our athletic teams!”

– Scott Garvin

Athletic Director, Newton High School

“These Coaches of Excellence Workshops are different than anything else I have ever been to…the speakers are unbelievable and are experts! Our staff is now capturing the hearts of our players and parents!”

– E. Franssen

20 Year Youth Coach & Parent

“This is what we have been looking for! Coaches of Excellence not only met our expectations but exceeded them! The positive feedback from our coaches hasn’t stopped…we will be adding the parent piece very soon!”

– A. Mendoza

Executive Director, YMCA

“We have now decided that every coach and parent of every sport will go through the Coaches of Excellence Training! We have seen the results in football and our board has decided to make it mandatory for all our sports…these are the results we hoped we would see!”

– DC Dolphins President

President, DC Dolphins Youth Sports

“With all the pressure to win and now with society scrutinizing every word we say, I found the Coaches of Excellence workshop Rod did with us vital. Our principles don’t change but our players do. Rod gave me a perspective on what I am dealing with and how to make adjustments in my motivational techniques so I am certain to maximize my player’s performance. Huge Deal, thank you.”


– Big 12 Conference Coach

NCAA Coach, Big 12 Conference

“I have been coaching for over 30 years and this is the best workshop I have ever been to! It’s so refreshing to hear from a speaker who is a coach and understands what I deal with and how to help me be the best coach I can be, today!”

– NW Missouri HS Coach

High School Coach, Northwest Missouri

“As a female coach in a male dominated culture, I loved the fact the COE spoke to all sports, gender and level… and this stuff hit me personally too! I am going to apply these tools at home with my family and in my marriage.”

– HS Workshop Attendee

Attendee, High School Workshop

“I can’t believe all the tools my husband and I got in 90 minutes to help us connect and more importantly optimize our relationship with our son, thanks Coaches of Excellence!”

– PPV Workshop Parent

Parent/Attendee, Parents Pursuing Victory Workshop

“We hired Rod to do his “Coaching in the Classroom” seminar to our entire school district with all coaches, teachers and administrators and it was a home run!”

– R. Elarton

School District Administrator, Pueblo County School District

“Your ability to develop strong, customized content and give our people tools for their tool boxes at the same time, is unmatched. Rod has helped us create, cultivate and sustain a culture of excellence that has us labeled as industry leaders.”

– Providence

Hospitality President | President, Providence Hospitality Partners

“Coaches of Excellence offers amazing workshops with life altering tools that I have implemented as both a Coach and a parent. I also love the follow up mentoring process that gives Coaches the support they need.”

– Clint Hurdle

Manager, Pittsburg Pirates

“Working with Coaches of Excellences has shifted our focus back to a purpose-driven effort in our activities department at Kennedy HS.  We are looking for opportunities to be transformational rather than transactional in our relationships with our student-athletes and parents.  Coach of Excellence and Rod Olson’s visit opened the door and gave us the tools and confidence to pursue the heart and soul of our athletes.”

– Aaron Stecker

Athletic Director, Kennedy H.S.